Family Photography Brisbane

I don’t do, let’s all stand in a row and smile for the camera photography: it’s not me and I’m sure it’s not you. My style is on the run, making your child feel comfortable by getting Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters to interact with them in a comfortable environment, while I stay out of the way and capture those intimate moments between you and your precious ones whilst they are totally unaware of the camera. Most of the time they don’t even realise I am shooting. That’s the way I like it, you get the best results when they aren’t posing with the “I say cheese” fake grin. Walking on the beach or in the bush, finding treasures: blowing bubbles, rolling in the grass, running under the hose on a hot day, laughing while they are being tickled or just at one of Dads “Dad jokes”, chasing each other around the garden, even just getting them sleeping, it’s pure magic to capture.

It’s the old adage, “they just grow up so fast”  and “they were babies only yesterday”. I know this only too well, having two 20 something boys of my own. Our precious ones change so quickly as they grow: One day they were babies and now they’re over 6 foot tall and headed out for a life on their own, with jobs and friends and overseas travel, they are not always around anymore, and of course they’re over Mum taking photographs of them as I once did when they were little. I often look back at the photos I took over the last 30 years and I am so glad I was click happy. I can give you professional photographic memories to look back on, to hang on your walls or in beautiful frames and albums that you will cherish forever: Photography can be your beautiful memories to cherish as well as a record of your family over time.

Your children are just so special, I know mine are. They grow and they grow fast!! I enjoy taking beautiful photographs of your children not only at those important milestones, like birthdays, baptisms, school formals, and graduations, I will take photos any day of the week just because I can: and I am passionate about what I do, I can honestly say photography is what I was meant to do: I love taking beautiful creative images of children because I know it’s like a record of when time stood still: If only for just a second, and I captured it forever for your family history.

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