• Having a photographer take professional shots just takes your business promotion to that next level.

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Business Photography Brisbane

I can advise you on what best to photograph for your business: Knowing what to photograph is key:  I can photograph your corporate functions, new business launches, staff xmas parties, new product releases, special industry announcements, and profile shots for all your social media presence like Linkedin, Facebook and photos for your web page designer. Let’s be honest, the phone cameras are extremely good these days, but having a photographer take professional shots just takes your web page to that next level:  Corporate profile images of your employees for their web page portfolios lets your clients put a  face to a name: it makes your business personal, it encourages your future clients to make contact with an actual person in your company. Professional photographs of your key employees tells your clients you take pride in what you do. Product photography shows your product in the best light, so you need the best photographs to convey to your clients online what your products are about. I can take photos of your products to make them stand out online whether it be on your web page, hard copy catalogues, or your Facebook and Social media platforms.

I know how important it is to create a corporate presence in this competitive world for a successful business image: photography is one way to do this. What do they say? “A picture tells a thousand words” and it surely does. It’s a moment captured in time in any onsite environment.  Corporate team building days are important to be photographed, building great teams is paramount to the morale of your employees and photographing them enjoying themselves outside of work, whether it be at strategy days for your company employees, industry conferences or just drinks at the end of a productive week after making that big deal: makes for a fantastic boost for the company newsletter, corporate and company brochures and web pages. It shows your employees and your valued business clients that you celebrate your victories and acknowledge your employees.

Construction Photos

Construction photography is something i have been involved in for over 25 years, and progress photography of stages of construction is vital for history and record taking. I look at some of my own construction business shots and to see the progress of a project in photographs, its a record of the project and a accurate record of what your business actually did out in the field. Clients love seeing progress photographs of that special project and to send them beautiful photographs presented professionally throughout a project is something that most construction companies don’t do, I can make it extremely cost effective; and it will make you stand out in your client’s mind as that company who gives them something “extra”. It’s the perceived value add.

Onsite in the construction industry it’s vital to have that project history photographed of those construction projects from inception through the build phase and final completion.  Pictures of your team out onsite working is another useful business tool for a corporate profile. Your company image is reliant on professionally presented business photography to enhance your business brand. I can assist you in what sort of shots will be of most of benefit to you and your business. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss.

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