Beautiful Brisbane this time of year – Perfect for weddings

Weddings in Brizzie in Winter: I have to say at this time of year Brisbane really is THE BEST!  The weather is superb, not cold but not so awfully hot as its been for months. The best time of year for a wedding.

I was so lucky to have the honour of photographing G& J’s wedding at St Marys at Kangaroo Point last weekend.  The weather was overcast but perfect for shooting, the view overlooking the Brisbane River and the Cityscapes were just incredible, and well, the Bride, what can i say –  was the most beautiful I have seen in a very long time. She radiated love and so much happiness, she literally glowed and was all those things you should radiate on your wedding day. She was perfect in every sense of the word.

To be honest weddings have not been one of my favourite things to photograph over the 40 odd years that I have been a photographer, but in all honesty i really have to say, I was in my element last Saturday with this beautiful family.  I loved every moment of the short 2 hours that I was shooting. They treated me like “family” and I think that is what made it so very very different. The mother of the bride was stunning, what a beautiful heart she has:  and the bridesmaids in their maroon outfits were just lovely.

The Groom was a Churchie Old Boy, so of course he had some “class” as most Churchie Boys do. A lovely, down to earth man who was there to enjoy one of the happiest days of his life. And he did! J was so excited when I arrived. What an absolute gentlemen He was and so young, or am i just getting old? He was one of my sons age and I honestly couldnt imagine one of my boys taking this leap into a new life, but they will one day i suppose. Not sure if that is something I am ready for right now though.

Now the happy couple are off travelling the world for their honeymoon (as all young newley weds should)  Thankyou  G & J for chooosing me to be  your photographer. I am so very lucky to be doing what I am passionate about, and am so grateful to have the best job in the world.

G&J, You are both a delight and i wish you both all the happiness life can offer.

Check out my wedding gallery for other images from the day and if you would like me to come and photograph your Brides give me a buzz, i really think i like shooting weddings again.  Happy Weekend!    Jen xxx  0403 975 724

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