This feisty duo is the underground’s best kept secret. With soul awakening music, and mind blowin sounds, they play breaks, house, trance,electro, hardcore and most anything else to create the right vibe for the party. Great fun, quick and easy to shoot. Cheers guys, and congratulations on your huge success!
Check em out http://www.myspace.com/kaardon

David, Michelle, Kiara & Joshua

Mum’s amaze me! How DO you do it? With a three year old, and new bub – I have enough of a challenge trying to grab a quick image of them together lettle own managing the two everyday! Amazing.

It’s always the ages that are a challenge; you need to be so super fast! Especially if Miss 3 does not really want to be in any of the photographs. lol

Thanks for having me back David & Michelle, I am sure I can create a gorgeous collage to match the one we did back for little Kiara. Talk soon, 🙂

Rogan Family

What a perfect day for photography! And luckily, no markets at the powerhouse this weekend 🙂 Haha
If you’ve browsed through my site, you would have already seen the gorgeous Oliver & Isabella featured in the portrait album section. What a pair of cuties!
This day, the Rogan’s got together as a family gift for mum Carmel. Very pleased with the results, and can’t wait to see these in their final glory! I find it most rewarding seeing my images displayed in peoples home, looking their best – either framed, as a modern art mount or beautiful canvas.

Thea & Sami Fashion Session

How exciting, their second collection is ready to hit the wholesalers!
I can’t share from our session, as it’s all top secret, but am super excited for Thea as the collection is awesome!
Visit http://www.thea-sami.com.au

Wallaby Drive, Mudgeeraba

I know Celebrations is strictly FAMILY events, but I thought I would show another of my real estate sessions. Very pleased with the results, your image is everything when your selling your property – so please do not hesitate to give me a call if your selling!

This property is listed with Maria Hancock, of Real Estate of Distinction.

Dax, Penny & little Enjaya

You briefly got to see a couple of images of Enjaya in the hospital. Here she is, a few week older with her gorgeous mum and dad. She’s just like a little cabbage patch doll, ow, and with a head full of hair! I love it!! haha
Pen had a bit of trouble settling her this session, but we still managed to get some nice images of their little gem.

Sam, Andrew, Louella & Archie

These guys have to be by far the cutest, sweetest pair. I just could not believe how gorgeous little Louella was with her baby brother. She helped Sam so much, and was so cute when she helped Archie with what he was doing. Reading the book and playing with blocks, owww! CUTE!
And to think, they are about to go from four, to six!! WOW! How exciting, and what a surprise that must have been. Can’t wait until the big Christmas family day when I will get to meet the two new arrivals, and the rest of their family. It”s going to be fun!
Good luck with the new bubas guys, and see you real soon 🙂

Elissa, Charlotte and buba Don

A family holiday on the Gold Coast, meant the perfect opportunity for these guys to have some beachy images done. Was just a shame dada Stephen couldn’t make it, but I’m sure he will love what we got.

Buba Don had never visited the beach before, and loved digging in the sand as much as little Charlotte loved jumping on the log and giggling with excitement as it splashed over into the shore.

How cute are these guys, you’ve probably seen them before as I regularly photograph the Hoeys. How lucky am I!!
Man I love my job, the returning families like these guys make it an absolute pleasure doing what I do.
So father’s day is approaching, and that’s what these will be for, so drop me a line if you would like to do something similar! It’s great fun playing by the sea! 🙂

The Baker Family

Awesome, I love seeing families get together and celebrate with photography. I know the images are going to be really treasured, as with most families, it’s difficult to get everyone together at once! Much like my own, I’m still promising mum a nice family portrait soon! haha
With some nice solid shady areas, the backyard was the perfect place for some great images. I often have families wanting backyard images, but most people don’t realise it’s all about the light! We need nice shade, without mottled lighting for it to work.
Anyhow, the Bakers! The session went tremendously well, and we covered all combinations. The house is where they all grew up, so these really will be special images in years to come.

Sandra, Regina, Alexander & Grace

Another buba on the way!
It was very lovely to catch up with these four again, to see how much the lil chickens have grown and see their beautiful new home.
We met on the Shorncliff bride, then went home for some more candid shots.By jingos, I had to be quick, these guys are so full of energy it must be in the water! lol
Thanks so much for having me back guys! Good luck with the new arrival, and I will look forward to meeting her too! 🙂