• Choosing a portrait photographer to capture your family’s dynamics is one of life’s most lasting decisions you’ll make. The artwork you create together will be a testimony to your history. ‘That’s why I take the time to check in with my families. Understanding what they are all about, digging deeper to find the real beauty’ says Catherine Lowe the artist behind the lens and the face of Celebration Studios. I’ve been photographing Brisbane families for over fourteen years now and I still delight in being invited into people’s personal world. It’s beautiful. I feel absolutely honored and always walk away smiling more then when I started. Love rubs off on you you know. It’s magical unicorn lollipop stuff. Really! haha It’s awesome. Choose Catherine as your family portrait photographer and call her now. Mobile 0402 023 241 Studio 07 3041 4107

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Celebrations Studios Photographer Samford

Studio: 07 3041 4107  Catherine: 0402 023 241

The experience

The experience

Celebrate your beautiful family. Your photographic experience includes pre planning, the photography session and an in person design consultation where together you design the incredible artwork that you will proudly display throughout your home.

The product

The product

Your luxury wall art becomes the treasured family heirloom for generations to come. The artwork is styled to suite your interior design with a finish to match your furnishings.

Your photographer

Your photographer

With over fourteen years experience photographing people of Brisbane Catherine Lowe is the photographer for you. Her casual warm nature and expertise will ensure you are thrilled with the results. Guaranteed.



Celebrate love. Celebrate connection. Celebrate joy.

Celebrations studios Samford isn’t about the photographer, it’s about you. It’s about your beautiful family and the love you share. Those cute and quirky personalities. Those ordinary yet extraordinary moments that melt your heart. How you’ve grown together. Your family’s story.

What reaction do you get when you walk in the door to your children. What face does she pull when shes being boldly confident. What does a Sunday morning in your home feel like.

To create the awesome photographic artwork that speaks to you and fits perfectly in your home Celebrations Studios wants to explore your family with you. Rediscover your loves.

It’s not just a photo shoot. Celebrations Photography Studios Samford offers a complete professional photography service. From pre planning, exploring your family’s dynamics with those little things that only you know alongside discussing your home decor and styling. The actual photographic experience. To the premier where you design your artwork with Catherine; the artist behind the lens and face of Celebrations Studios.

Call now to discuss capturing your family story with Catherine.

Mobile 0402 023 241

Studio 07 3041 4107